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An additional discount applies when booking Mileage Awards Tickets applies if you are a Citibank cardholder. You also will still get the 20% retiree discount on the miles you are redeeming when booking an award ticket.

This discount does not apply to all city pairs, and the city pairs change monthly.

Read all the information about the discount on the website ~ Click Here


AAdvantage Award Tickets for Retirees


Last year, AA announced that ‘fees’ associated to AAdvantage Award tickets will be waived for Retirees if the AAdvantage miles were used from a Retiree’s AAdvantage Account.

Award fees, ticket-change fees and reinstatement fees are waived on award tickets claimed from a Retiree’s account.

Retirees are also provided a 20% discount (of miles claimed for award tickets). Confirm your reservations on website based on the AAdvantage Award class of service and date/day of travel. Then call We-Fly-AA at 1-888-933-5922, to speak with a Representative.

The 20% discount must be applied at time of ticketing; not after the ticket has been purchased. The credit card used must be in the name of the AAdvantage member unless the member is the customer.



life ins

Legacy American Airlines Retirees who retired prior to 11/01/2012 are eligible for Retiree Life Insurance. The amount of eligible life insurance may vary based on your retirement date and/or other factors. The following guidelines are provided for your review.

The Legacy AA retirees who retired on or before 11/01/12 have a Life Insurance Benefit.

Those who retired after 11/01/12 DO NOT.

Retirement Date Retiree Life Insurance Amount*
Prior to: 01/1/1976 $5,000 to $20,000 (Based on your salary at the time of retirement*)
Prior to: 11/1/2012 Majority of Retirees: $5,000
After: 11/1/2012 Not Applicable
  • For additional information, please review the Pre- 11/1/2012 Retiree Benefits Guide under Life Insurance Benefit.
  • You may also contact the American Airlines Benefits Service Center at 1-888-860-6178 if you have any questions about your coverage. It is also very important to “VERIFY” your Beneficiary Information with AA. (Monday – Friday: 9am – 6 pm CT).




libertyJoin us in our efforts to restore our pass policy, for equal rights for ALL Retirees, without discrimination to specific work groups, including TWA, USAir, Sabre and other Retirees from AMR.    Thank you.


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Kathy Johnson

News From Your President


Senior BenefitsThere will always be discussions and numerous questions about the best and most affordable MEDICAL PLANS especially as you approach 65 years of age when Medicare will become a part of your medical benefits.

As a rule, AMRRC does not generally endorse or recommend a particular Company or Agent, however, in this particular instance we believe it will help many of the retirees of American Airlines.

We are recommending American Senior Benefits and Kobey Liles is the individual to specifically assist AMRRC Retirees. I have personally talked with Kobey and I can say with all certainty; you will not find a more helpful, knowledgeable, or customer-service oriented individual to explain and assist you with the information and decisions you will need to make about the numerous medical plans.

Kobey will also compare your current plan(s) to the most current plans being offered to determine if there is any cost-savings to you for the exact same coverage (or more coverage) than you now have.

Kobey is licensed in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, however, American Senior Benefits can service plans in all states.

Kobey Liles, American Senior Benefits, 1200 E. Copeland Road, Arlington, Texas. You will no longer have long waiting times to ask a question and get an answer about your medical plan because you can contact Kobey directly. (972) 740-2658 – Cell.

Please let Kobey know that you are an AMRRC member/retiree.

Sincerely, Kathy Johnson
President – AMRRC, Inc.



~ THROUGH ~ Non-revenue passengers who are not boarding locally (not your city of origination) are granted through “T” status and will be boarded ahead of locally boarding non-revenue passengers with the same boarding priority code.

If your flight listing (PNR) contains “connecting” segments, the same priority code will be applied automatically to the connecting flight priority list once you are accommodated at the originating city.

  • When connecting to an international flight from a domestic flight you MUST do the following:
    • SWIPE your passport with an agent. Ask them to use Ctrl W F1.
  • If passport not swiped you will lose your check in time in connecting city because you must swipe a passport (and get a new check In time).
  • Your name will not appear on the priority list for your connecting flight until you are accommodated on your originating flight.
  • If the connecting flights are not in the same PNR OR if your connecting time is more than 12 hours, you will need to check in with an agent at the connecting city and present your inbound boarding pass from your originating flight.
    • The agent will add the through indicator “T” to your priority code on the standby list of your connecting flight.
    • IMPORTANT ~ If the agent does not know the format to add the “T” indicator, then ask for a Customer Service Manager, to ensure you are designated as a “Through” passenger.
  • If the time between your connecting flights is more than 12 hours, your check-in time defaults to the time you are placed on the standby list as a “through” traveler (when you were issued your boarding pass for your originating flight) ~ (Not the time of you checked in using the website).
  • If you change your travel pass classification (D2 to D1) in the connecting city you will lose your through “T” status.
    • For example – if your original listing is for D2 travel from LAX-PHL-MUC and you travel D2 from LAX to PHL and want to change to D1 from PHL to MUC, you will need to cancel the segment and re-book as a D1, thus establishing a new check-in time and losing your “T” status.

To be considered a through passenger at your connecting city, you must:

  • Arrive on an AA or another airline (OAL) flight at the intermediate city and check in for the first connecting flight (same day or next day) to your next destination.
  • If you travel inbound on an OAL or your first connecting flight is over 12 hours, you will need to show the gate agent your boarding pass to get through status.
  • Arrive on a flight at the intermediate city but cannot be accommodated to your destination due to revenue demands and/or higher-priority standby passengers. You will then be transferred to the next eligible flight as a through passenger.
  • Arrive in/out of the same intermediate city but different co-terminal. For example, you travel LHR–JFK and then depart later that same day. LGA–ORD. You must provide the agent your inbound boarding pass to be added to the priority list as a through passenger from LGA–ORD.
  • Arrive at the connecting city on a flight using a purchased revenue ticket, including AA20 or Employee Discount Mileage Award ticket, then continue the trip as a non-rev. You will be considered a through passenger, provided you stand by for the next flight on the same day to your final destination. The non-rev segments for connecting travel must be in a separate PNR.
  • Employees, including Flight Crew members, traveling on Company business (e.g., A12 and connecting as a D2 or D1) will not be considered through customers if they continue their travel for pleasure.
  • When connecting through international cities from an OAL, you will need to provide your boarding pass to the American agent to document you as a through passenger. This will inhibit specific departure taxes from being assessed (e.g., UK departure tax). If the through indicator does not appear on the standby list, you will automatically be charged the same taxes as an originating traveler.

Through-Flight Removal Policy

If you are a connecting as a non-rev traveler on a through flight using the same aircraft and same flight number (e.g., VVI–LPB–MIA), you may not be removed except to accommodate revenue customers or positive-space travelers using an A pass travel classification.

Removal from the flight will be accomplished in reverse boarding priority order as established by the original check-in time.

Co-Terminal / Multi-City Airports Co-Terminals or Multi-City Airports serving the same area and considered to be the same city for purposes of using one-way passes.

Co-Terminal/Multi-City Airport Locations are:

  • BWI - DCA - IAD
  • FLL - MIA
  • OAK – SFO – SJC
  • LAX – ONT – BUR – LGB – SNA
  • EWR- HPN – JFK – LGA
  • HOU – IAH
  • DFW – DAL
  • SLU - UVF
  • HND – NRT
  • LHR – LGW - STN


What to know about traveling with Medicare

Are you planning to travel outside of the U.S.? Before you go, remember to look into Medicare coverage outside the United States.

If you have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance), your health care services and supplies are covered when you’re in the U.S. However, in general, Medicare won’t pay for health care services or supplies if you travel outside the U.S. (except in these rare cases).

That doesn’t mean you have to travel abroad without coverage. Here are 3 ways you can get health coverage outside the U.S.:

  1. If you have a Medigap (supplemental) healthcare policy, check your policy to see if it includes coverage when traveling outside the U.S.
  2. If you have another Medicare health plan (instead of Original Medicare), check with your plan to see if they offer coverage outside the U.S.
  3. Purchase a travel insurance policy that includes health coverage.
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(Although, it may not yet be expired)

The Passport Services department at the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs continues to receive reports of U.S. citizen travelers unable to board international flights because their passports do not have the required passport validity.

Passports should be valid through the dates of your trip, but most countries in the European Union require passports be valid for at least three months from planned date of departure and some countries even require passports be valid for at least six months from date of departure.

For more information on requirements by country, go to the Travel Planner at (Click on Tools, and then International Docs from the Dropdown Menu). OR> visit


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