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AAdvantage Award Tickets for Retirees


Last year, AA announced that ‘fees’ associated to AAdvantage Award tickets will be waived for Retirees if the AAdvantage miles were used from a Retiree’s AAdvantage Account.

Award fees, ticket-change fees and reinstatement fees are waived on award tickets claimed from a Retiree’s account.

Retirees are also provided a 20% discount (of miles claimed for award tickets). Confirm your reservations on website based on the AAdvantage Award class of service and date/day of travel. Then call We-Fly-AA at 1-888-933-5922, to speak with a Representative.

The 20% discount must be applied at time of ticketing; not after the ticket has been purchased. The credit card used must be in the name of the AAdvantage member unless the member is the customer.





libertyJoin us in our efforts to restore our pass policy, for equal rights for ALL Retirees, without discrimination to specific work groups, including TWA, USAir, Sabre and other Retirees from AMR.    Thank you.


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Kathy Johnson

News From Your President

American Airlines Group Reports First-Quarter 2018 Profit

April 26, 2018

American Airlines Group Inc. today reported its first-quarter results, including these highlights:

  • Reported a first-quarter 2018 pre-tax profit of $273 million, or $468 million excluding net special items1, and a first-quarter net profit of $186 million, or $357 million excluding net special items
  • First-quarter 2018 earnings were $0.39 per diluted share, or $0.75 per diluted share excluding net special items
  • Returned $498 million to shareholders, including the repurchase of 8.4 million shares and dividend payments of $48 million. Announced a new $2.0 billion share repurchase authorization2 to be completed by December 31, 2020

“American’s team members continue to deliver solid results, including record first quarter revenue performance. Higher fuel prices led to a decline in year-over-year earnings, but we are excited about the future,” said Chairman and CEO Doug Parker. “With the youngest fleet in the industry among our large network peer competitors, a significantly improved product, and a team of 130,000 who demonstrate extraordinary care for our customers, we are well positioned for long-term success.”

(Although, it may not yet be expired)

The Passport Services department at the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs continues to receive reports of U.S. citizen travelers unable to board international flights because their passports do not have the required passport validity.

Passports should be valid through the dates of your trip, but most countries in the European Union require passports be valid for at least three months from planned date of departure and some countries even require passports be valid for at least six months from date of departure.

For more information on requirements by country, go to the Travel Planner at (Click on Tools, and then International Docs from the Dropdown Menu). OR> visit


American Airlines Books $467 Million Pension Contribution for 2018



American Airlines Group Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, expects to contribute $467 million to its pension plans in 2018, the company announced in its 10-K filed Wednesday.

Of the $467 million, $425 million is a discretionary contribution and $42 million is required. The company contributed $286 million to its pension plans in 2017.

As of Dec. 31, American Airlines had $11.4 billion in total defined benefit assets and $18.28 billion in benefit obligations for a funded status of 62.4%, up from 58.1% at the end of 2016. The 10-K did not provide a breakout of U.S. vs. international pension plans, but U.S. plan assets totaled $11.13 billion as of Sept. 30, according to Pensions & Investments data.

The discount rate used to calculate benefit obligations was 3.8% as of Dec. 31, down from 4.3% as of Dec. 31, 2016.

Also as of Dec. 31, the pension plans had an asset allocation of 63.3% equities, 23% fixed income, 13.1% alternatives, 0.4% dividend and interest receivable, and the remainder in cash and the net amount due to/from brokers for the sale of securities.

American Airlines indicated in the 10-K that temporary favorable funding rules expired at the end of 2017, and pension contributions are expected to "increase materially" starting in 2019 when fiscal year 2018 contributions are due.



life ins

Legacy American Airlines Retirees who retired prior to 11/01/2012 are eligible for Retiree Life Insurance. The amount of eligible life insurance may vary based on your retirement date and/or other factors. The following guidelines are provided for your review.

The Legacy AA retirees who retired on or before 11/01/12 have a Life Insurance Benefit.

Those who retired after 11/01/12 DO NOT.

Retirement Date Retiree Life Insurance Amount*
Prior to: 01/1/1976 $5,000 to $20,000 (Based on your salary at the time of retirement*)
Prior to: 11/1/2012 Majority of Retirees: $5,000
After: 11/1/2012 Not Applicable
  • For additional information, please review the Pre- 11/1/2012 Retiree Benefits Guide under Life Insurance Benefit.
  • You may also contact the American Airlines Benefits Service Center at 1-888-860-6178 if you have any questions about your coverage. It is also very important to “VERIFY” your Beneficiary Information with AA. (Monday – Friday: 9am – 6 pm CT).

Welcome to AMRRC, Inc.

The views, comments and ideas expressed on the AMRRC Website do not represent those of the American Airlines Group and its subsidiaries. The logos, flight symbols, all service marks and trademarks contained herein are property of their respective owners. AMRRC is not associated with AAG.


Are these the best and worst airlines in the United States?

A honest and true look at airline performance can only come from analyzing objective data, and that’s why The Points Guy has undertaken the second-annual comprehensive study of the largest airlines in the United States. From prices to cabin comfort to frequent flyer programs, we’ve dug through the numbers across 10 criteria covering every aspect of each airline’s operations, and ranked the best, the worst and everyone in between.

For the second year in a row, Alaska Airlines sits at the top of The Points Guy’s ranking of airlines in the United States. The travel-focused site gave Alaska points for its airfare, timeliness, baggage handling, and customer service, as well as its frequent-flyer program, which it considers the best in the industry. Other airlines that ranked high on TPG’s list were Southwest at number two and Delta at number three.


Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list is that, thanks to innovations in minimizing lost bags, flying bus Spirit Airlines is now ranked above JetBlue, which dropped from fourth to eighth place in the ranking. The Points Guy blamed this on the fact that JetBlue was “ranked dead last” for on-time arrivals and speculated that passengers were frustrated because JetBlue was acting like a low-cost airline without actually having low-cost airfare.

2017 stockholders

June 14, 2017 - AA 4th Quarter Shareholders' Meeting, New York City. Retirees and AMRRC Shareholders were in attendance of meeting.

This year it was great that a large number of people from other AA organizations joined us at the pre‑meeting Rally at 8:00 am, and also voiced their concerns at the meeting at 9:00 am.

Thank you again to Mary McKenna for her great work in organizing the rally.

The AMRRC packet of information to the Board of Directors began with a message from Roy King, Retiree, 50.6 years with AA, Seniority 06/28/1962

Roy’s words represent us all:

“Does anyone have the common decency to honor precious commitments to AA employees? Is there no shame in deceiving those retirees who believed in their future flying benefits that would be there at the end retirement? How can one person destroy the trust of so many employees that have given the better of their career to be thrown under the bus? Please reinstate the original retiree travel benefits back to its original position with honor, proud and integrity. AA should take the high ground.”

The following 21 minute video has a few highlights from 2017.

Or view them individually:

Rally at 8:00 am with Mary McKenna and a terrific crowd!

Mary McKenna spoke directly to Doug Parker at the Shareholder Meeting about the AA Flight Attendant toxic uniforms

Gail Dunham

Rich Slivocka “This t-shirt”

Jenny Rubin, Retired AA Flight Attendant-“Benefits in Jeopardy”

A few 2017 photos: Click here.

Retirees travel to the AA Shareholder meeting at their own expense, and we will continue to be a voice for Retirees to reinstate our earned pass benefits.

Donations to AMRRC help us cover communication and printing expenses for our not-for-profit organization. Donations are never used for travel expenses. Those expenses are borne by the retirees.

Join us next year June 2018! This is a terrific opportunity to talk directly with AA Board of Directors, Doug Parker and AA management!

Following are highlights from the 2016 AA Shareholder Meeting:

The first question asked at the AA stockholder meeting in NY 2016 was from Mary McKenna

Bill Gatsiadis

Don Smith, Chairman of JFK AA Alumni Association “Privilege or a Benefit?”

Gail Dunham and Russ Adams

Video of the Rally June 8, 2016

BODs - Performance Summary Notebook

Each Board Member and Mr. Parker were provided a (245-page) bound Notebook by AMRRC. It highlighted some very important corporate issues occurring since the merger. All opinions contained in the notebook are those expressed solely by AMRRC.


Annual Shareholders Meeting
June 8, 2016 – 9:00 a.m.

A copy of the Notebook is included in this link. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW IT.

mckenna parker lori rally rally rally rally banner

Rich Slivocka
State of the Airline Meeting
January 29, 2016

Watch the Introduction and Statement by Retiree, Rich Slivocka to CEO, Doug Parker