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June 3, 2015 AA Shareholder Meeting

Listen to the recording of the meeting here. Note you can click between introduction, financial report and question/comments section of the meeting.

June 3rd Retiree Comments on YouTube Addressing the AA Board of Directors

Listen below to remarks made to the AA Board by Gail Dunham, Carol Reichert, Jackie Gilpin, Walton Gilpin, Rich Slivocka, and Don Smith.

Would you like to address the AA Board of Directors? Buy a share of AA stock, and all shareholders are welcome to join us next year at the Annual Shareholder Meeting – the BOD needs to hear from Retirees.

Our Mission Statement

The American Airlines Retirees Committee goal is to Preserve Retiree Benefits through Communications and Determination!

AMRRC, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c4) tax exempt, nonprofit corporation, dedicated to represent all Retirees from American Airlines, from past mergers and to protect Retiree benefits for future Retirees.

AMRRC, Inc. will work to restore Retiree Earned Benefits and to meet the short term and long term challenges that are ahead. Retirees are proud of our decades of hard work that made American Airlines great. Retirees deserve Respect and the Earned Benefits, including travel pass benefits that were promised for our years of service as a part of our Retirement programs.

We look forward to working with old and new members for the long term.

Welcome to the New AMRRC, Inc. April 2015.

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libertyJoin us in our efforts to restore our pass policy, for equal rights for ALL Retirees, without discrimination to specific work groups, including TWA, USAir, Sabre and other Retirees from AMR.    Thank you.


July 7, 2015

Department of Justice Investigating
Potential Airline Price Collusion

The Justice Department is investigating whether U.S. airlines colluded on expansion plans, amid concerns from consumer advocates and politicians that the industry is trying to extend its recent run of prosperity by controlling capacity to keep airfares high.

or U.S. carriers demands copies of all communications the airlines had with each other, Wall Street analysts and major shareholders about their plans for passenger-carrying capacity.

The three largest U.S. carriers, American, United and Delta, have been among the slowest-growing airlines, while Southwest plans to expand 7% in the third quarter and discounters like JetBlue and Spirit Airlines Inc. are growing even faster.

Since 2008, four mergers have reduced eight big airlines to four. Those four carriers subject to the Justice probe control more than 80% of the domestic airline seats in the U.S.

The average domestic airfare rose 13 percent from 2009 to 2014, when adjusted for inflation, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. And that doesn't include the billions of dollars airlines collect from new fees: $25 each way to check a bag and $200 to change a domestic reservation. During the past 12 months, the airlines took in $3.6 billion in bag fees and another $3 billion in reservation change fees.

rarified air

July 4, 2105 – Special Jetwire
A Message from Doug Parker

parkerAmerican's CEO, Doug Parker, tells employees they need not to be bothered by the DOJ's investigation regarding collusion and price-fixing and that they can best serve the airline by focusing on their respective jobs.

"While this is an unfortunate situation, our request to all of you is to please ignore it. Go out and do the great job you do every day in the safe, professional and customer-friendly manner you always do. Working for a commercial airline is a noble profession – airline employees bring people together, allow businesses to run, reunite families and friends, and allow people to see the world. No one does it better than the people of American Airlines and I am extremely proud to be on your team.

My responsibilities include ensuring your airline behaves in a way that will always make you proud, and you can rest assured that is the case here."

Parker: ‘There has been no illegal behavior on the part of American Airlines’ by Dallas Morning News – Terry Maxon -July 6, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015 – 9:30 am at Headquarters in Dallas

Would you like to ask Doug Parker a Question in person?


July 24th -- The release of the AA 2015 Second Quarter Earnings at the "State of the Airline" meeting will be at 9:30am at AA HDQ, 4333 Amon Carter Blvd, Fort Worth TX 76155 at the Cafeteria Atrium.

AMRRC is pleased to announce that YOU, Retirees, can ask Parker questions at the "State of the Airline" Earnings Meetings in Dallas. At the January 27th Earnings meeting for 2014, most Retirees were not allowed, and through our efforts AA did later apologize for the treatment of Retirees.

AMRRC now has assurances now that "retirees are always welcome." Earnings are released early the morning of July 24th and there may be online participation too.

What question would you like to ask Doug Parker?

On Friday April 24th, Rich Slivocka, attended the American Airlines State of the Airline Meeting at HDQ announcing its 1st Quarter Profit of $1.2 Billion.

Rich asked Mr. Parker two questions: (1) Was it his decision to not allow active employees to participate in “profit sharing”; (2) Was it his decision to implement the “D2R Policy”, or was this a decision made by a group or how was this done?

Click here to Jetnet for that part of the April 24th meeting.

Future Earnings Meeting October 2015!

DOJThis is an interesting news article about why the DOJ wanted to block the merger between AA and US. And, now it has all come true.

Originally published by Terry Maxon of the Dallas Morning News on August 13, 2013.

Justice official: Here’s why we’re fighting the US Airways-American Airlines merger

US Airways and America West Pilots – A decade ago, when US Airways and America West merged, the integration was much, much less smooth. The pilots never really worked things out and there were many lawsuits, new unions established and general infighting about how to manage seniority integration. At one point the East and West pilots went to binding arbitration and in 2007 arbitrator George Nicolau issued a ruling which East saw as too favorable to West. So much so that the East pilots disbanded their union and started another one in hopes of ignoring the ruling.

planesUS Airways Pilot Group Bows Out of American Air Seniority Talks

The US Airline Pilots Association, chastened by an unfavorable U.S. Appeals Court ruling, said its merger committee will withdraw from negotiations intended to create a pilot seniority list at American Airlines.

The 2-1 ruling Friday by a panel of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Appeals Court determined that USAPA violated its duty of fair representation to former America West pilots. To Review the Article CLICK HERE

flt att.AA Flight Attendant Files Complaint with the Department of Justice for the enforcement of federal antitrust laws. The Complaint will be reviewed by the DOJ legal staff. It is a lengthy article, however, it explains in detail what occurred prior to, during and after the merger with the Flight Attendants’ Contract.

To Review the Entire Complaint, CLICK HERE