The Iconic Graduation Staircase and Medallion


American Airlines Management announced February 18, 2019,  that the airline will keep intact what AA flight attendants around the world consider a greatly cherished part of their and the airline's history — the so-called “graduation staircase and medallion.” 

Historically that staircase, in what was initially called the “American Airlines Stewardess College” when it opened in 1957 in Dallas, is where every flight attendant had his or her picture taken upon completing rigorous training sessions and earning their wings.

Graduating Class Photo with C.R.Smith


C.R. Smith

The building that housed the 

Stewardess College 

and the Graduation Staircase

is slated to be demolished to make way

 for new buildings on a new campus of American Airlines in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

After careful consideration and dissent by some stakeholders, AA has decided to preserve and  relocate the staircase to 

the existing CR Smith Museum. 

Medallion Presented by C.R.Smith to Stewardess College


The iconic graduation staircase and medallion will become part of a massively-redesigned collection of permanent museum exhibits 

that together tell the story of the world’s largest airline through the first-person 

stories of American Airlines' 

employees and retirees.  

A spokeswoman for American said, 

it has yet to be determined whether future flight attendant training center 

graduates will be able to be 

photographed on the staircase. 

That determination will be made when move of  the graduation staircase and medallion to the museum home is completed.