Prosecutors in 737 MAX Probe 

Focus on Boeing Disclosures to 

Regulators and Airlines.

Scrutiny is part of broader investigation into how the jetliner was developed and certified.   

The Federal Aviation Administration said previously the 737 MAX, which entered service in 2017, was approved to carry passengers as part of the agency’s “standard certification process.” It said its safety-review procedures “are well established and have consistently produced safe aircraft.”

The agency is conducting its own inquiry 

into how the jet model was certified and whether various agency offices properly oversaw technical analyses prepared by Boeing and submitted to the FAA. 

A Senate Commerce subcommittee on Wednesday is expected to kick off what is likely to be a series of congressional 

hearings on both sides of Capitol Hill 

exploring these and other matters.

The Transportation Department (DOT) said earlier this week its inspector general is conducting a separate administrative audit to determine precisely what actions the FAA took in approving the safety of the jet.

The crash on of an  Ethiopian Airlines flight killed  all 157 passengers on board, 

including (8) Americans.

It was the second fatal Max 8 disaster in five (5) months after a Lion's flight crashed over Indonesia in October, claiming all 189 lives.

Three-Hundred-Forty-Six (346) in 

total have been lost.  




What has Boeing said?

Boeing has grounded its entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft.The US plane-maker said it would suspend all 371 of the aircraft.

UPDATE:  MAR 22, 2019

"Pilots transitioning to the Boeing 737 

Max 8 aircraft from older 737 models 

were given a short, self-administered 

online course that made no mention of a 

new system now at the center of two 

crash investigations, pilots' unions spokesmen for two American carriers told CNN.

"Pilots of Southwest Airlines and American Airlines took courses — lasting between 

56 minutes and three hours — that 

highlighted differences between the Max 8 and older 737s, but did not explain the new 

Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System,  known as MCAS.

"The system, designed to automatically command a plane to pitch down if it senses an imminent stall, has become the focus of October's Lion Air crash ..."



Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked (2) Safety Features That Boeing Sold Only as Extras

As the pilots of the doomed Boeing jets in Ethiopia and Indonesia fought to control 

their planes, they lacked two notable 

safety features in their cockpits.

One reason: Boeing charged extra for them.

For Boeing and other aircraft manufacturers, the practice of charging to upgrade a standard plane can be lucrative. Top airlines around the world must pay handsomely to have the jets they order fitted with customized add-ons.

Sometimes these optional features involve aesthetics or comfort, like premium seating, fancy lighting or extra bathrooms. But other features involve communication, navigation 

or safety systems, and are more 

fundamental to the plane’s operations.

Many airlines, especially low-cost carriers have opted not to buy them — and regulators don’t require them.



 C A N C E L L A T I O N S 

AA is Cancelling 90 Flights a Day as the Boeing 737 Max Remains Grounded.

Flight Cancellations have been extended 

thru  Wednesday, April 24.  

Non-Rev during this time-frame will probably be even more difficult.



AA Pilots Will Test 737 MAX Software 

Fix in Boeing Simulator

 AA pilots will test Boeing Co’s 737 MAX software fix on simulators this weekend, the pilots’ union told Reuters on Thursday, which will be a key step in restoring confidence in 

the aircraft after two fatal crashes. 


Boeing has been working on a software upgrade for an anti-stall system and pilot displays on its fastest-selling jetliner. 

Similarities between the flight path in the 

Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes have raised fresh questions about the new   Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System,  known as MCAS.  



Currently, there are 387 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in operation. 

74 of which are operated by US airlines. 

This aircraft is operated by a total of 59 airlines.

Here are the airlines that fly the 737 MAX 

and the number of aircraft which have 

been delivered to them.

  • Aerolineas Argentinas (9)
  • Aeromexico (5)
  • Air Canada (20)
  • Air China (14)
  • Air Italy (5)
  • American Airlines  (20)
  • Cayman (2)
  • China Eastern (13)
  • China Southern (16)
  • Comair (1)
  • Copa (5)
  • Corendon (1)



  • Eastar Jet (2)
  • Enter Air (2)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (5)
  • Fiji Airways (2)
  • FlyDubai (14)
  • Fuzhou (2)
  • Garuda Indonesia (1)
  • Gol (6)
  • Hainan (7)
  • Icelandair (3)
  • Jet Airways (6)
  • Kunming (2)
  • Lion Air (14)
  • LOT Polish (5)
  • Lucky Air (3)
  • Mauritania Airlines (1)
  • MIAT Mongolian (1)
  • Norwegian (18)




  • Okay Airways (1)
  • Oman Air (5)
  • Royal Air Maroc (2)
  • Shandong (6)
  • Shanghai Airlines (11)
  • Shenzhen (5)
  • SilkAir (5)
  • Southwest (31)
  • SpiceJet (7)
  • Sunwing (3)
  • S7 (2)
  • Thai Lion (3)
  • TUI (11)
  • Turkish (7)
  • United (12)
  • WestJet (12)
  • Xiamen (9)